Real Estate Brokerage and Management Firm

“Reliant Advisory Services is one of the leading commercial appraisal companies in Alaska and is equally competent as any top quality appraisal company in the country.  They have earned that market position by providing consistently high quality and accurate property analysis, particularly for complex difficult assignments.  Their reports are timely and reflect an in depth market knowledge that we often find remarkable.  Reliant is a great assistance to us in our commercial real estate brokerage because we can rely on them for timely, carefully thought out accurate reports.”



National Lender

“We use Reliant for all property types, simple or complex. Appraisals are well documented, analyzed, and presented reflecting strong knowledge of the various markets.  Fees are competitive with timely delivery and follow up when necessary.  They are a pleasure to work with and an integral part of the service we provide to our business partners and clients.”



Local Lender

“Reliant is an outstanding and reputable firm that I enjoy doing business with.  You’ve provided prompt and courteous service throughout the six years I’ve been doing business with you.  All of the reports you’ve completed for me are of high quality and very credible.  Your staff is not only very friendly but knowledgeable about the market and scope of work being requested.  Your constant communication makes my job a lot easier and more importantly, when I engage your firm I can always rest assured that the report will be delivered within the timeframe agreed upon.  To me these are the things that separate the Best from the rest.  So to the Best, keep up the excellent job you’re doing.”



Law Firm

“We have used Reliant for a number of different appraisal assignments, including some which involved complex and unusual circumstances.  Reliant has been consistently responsive, creative in approaching out-of-the-ordinary situations affecting value, and thoroughly knowledgeable.”



Asset Management and Development Company

“We have relied upon Reliant for many years.  They have the knowledge and expertise to stay on top of market trends and changes and provide valuable insight to their clients.  They perform accurate and factual valuations and complete them in a timely and professional manner.”



Local Lender

“Our business is the business of analyzing risk on a long term basis.  Reliant’s ability to combine both general economic information as well as a market analysis of the specific commercial real estate being appraised, gives us one of the most critical components to analyze that risk and make relevant decisions.  We rely on the appraiser’s impartial judgment in valuing properties.  There is no replacement for market familiarity and knowing what properties are truly comparable.  Reliant’s employees have that background.  It is also important that an appraiser is open to discussing any issues that an underwriter may have, without being defensive.  Again, Reliant has been very good to work with in this regard.  I feel that Reliant is in the top tier of commercial real estate appraisers in the state.”



Real Estate Brokerage and Management Firm

“Reliant’s team is our first choice for both routine and complex commercial appraisals in Anchorage.  They conduct a thorough review of the local office market sectors through their bi-annual reports, and also keep their finger on the pulse of other markets, as they track current trends, building sales and land values.  Reliant provides comprehensive reports with a detailed analysis, and does so in a timely manner.  They are not always the least expensive choice, but knowing their high-level attention to detail and their balanced approach, we are confident that our clients are getting one of the most accurate appraisals in the Anchorage market.”



Alaska Native Corporation

“Reliant regularly provides our organization with consulting and real estate valuation services.  We have a high-level of confidence in Reliant’s market data, analysis, and methodology when approaching complex real estate valuation problems.  Reliant demonstrates themselves as a leader in the Alaska commercial real estate industry and has proven to be invaluable to our organization.”



BOMA Anchorage

“By performing the annual Market Watch office market survey, Reliant has provided BOMA Anchorage with an invaluable tool that has resulted in increased membership every year that the survey has been performed.  Market Watch has since become the official survey for the Anchorage office market, and has been utilized by countless BOMA members active in the Anchorage Market.  Reliant’s professionalism, market knowledge and level of analysis is unparalleled, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a timely solution to their real estate needs.”







JL Tower

Recently appraised by Reliant, JL Tower & Centerpoint West are examples of the recent expansion in the Anchorage office market and economic prosperity of Alaska over the last decade.

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